Saturday, October 17, 2015

For hands and minds...

Keeping the hands busy...
(Have these two blankets sewn together)

Now have these crocheted squares to make into a blanket...

But have decided to do 2 rows around each square of this variegated green/blue yarn I had...
 (will make the blanket that bit bigger)
These will all go to Mission Without Borders who will be coming to speak at my church 1st November.

Keeping the mind busy...
Picked up this interesting little book at the library Out On A Limb by Jennie Beal Counts.  Helped me realise that most times our passions and desires are not opposed to God's plans for us!!
And am half way through Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (love the way she writes!!).  Don't think I'll ever be a writer of fiction, but it is interesting to read about the process writer's go through...with some glimpses into life (and all its humour) along the way :))
And then hope to start Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. 
Not into fiction at the moment.  Seem to be in need of books to stimulate my mind!  Don't know if it's working :)))

Picked up this little book (Who Moved My Cheese?) from the library yesterday (after being recommended by my friend Debbie) and read it in about an hour...

I am a person who doesn't like (or handle well) change.  I do get there in the end...but it takes me awhile :)

This is the summary page of the points in the book (but read the whole thing if you's a sweet little story)...

I have no problems up to point 3, but that's when things start to get tricky and I slow down...

Points 4 and 5 can take me years to work through (not always...but sometimes...)...

Points 6 and 7??  Still working on those...  I have trouble with the 'enjoy'  word...  :)))

And to finish on...

Read these in Bird by Bird...

"Don't look at your feet to see if you are doing it right.  Just Dance". (p112)

and this...

"I get up.  I walk.  I fall down.  Meanwhile, I keep dancing". (p130)

Good thoughts to live by wouldn't you say??
PS - linking this post with Ginny for Yarn Along!
And...all is growing well, so... I've removed The Bucket :)))


  1. hello friend,
    LOVE the new photo for your heading.
    also, the squares look a good size to use up scarps of different coloured yarn as well.
    here i am in india, and i have crocheted another GRANNY SQUARE beanie for a baby.
    i love crocheting.
    HAPPY the bucket has been removed.
    debbie xxx

    1. Hi Debbie! I thought I'd better change my foggy winter header photo and get a spring one up before it's over and we are into summer!

      Glad the crochet is still going well. I'm much more into crochet (as opposed to knitting) at the moment too :)) xx

  2. Hi Lynda, looks like some lovely simplicity going on at your place ...... I may need to read the cheese book ..... somebody is playing with the chees at my house, it barely gets put down before somebody moves it again!!!

    1. Hi Sharm! That cheese can be a problem can't it :)))

      Hope all is going well and you can get some time for 'simply being' in your busy life... xx