Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bucket Head

Had my hair cut recently.  It's very short!!  So until it grows a bit...

I'm wearing a bucket on my head...
I remove the bucket in the privacy of my own home :))

And while I'm waiting...

I found my English piecing flowers I'd been working many years ago??
We did a fabric swap on a snail mail group I'm part of and this was what I decided to do with my pieces of fabric from each of the ladies.
Maybe I should finish them...

And using up yarn scraps to crochet granny squares...

And almost finished the highly recommended Quiet. Will then start Bird by Bird...
If you'd like to see what others are crafting and reading, go to Ginny's Yarn Along blog 


  1. how short, is short !!!
    so i suppose you are home a lot these days.
    encouragement... there is only ONE week between a good & a bad haircut.
    i remember the FLOWER GARDEN english piecing days. quite addictive and a very portable project.

    1. Hi Debbie!

      Actually I like my haircut!! The bucket was just a joke :)))

      I'll email you the real thing :) xx

  2. You are so funny! LOL! Love the flowers and I think your granny squares will be very cute.

    1. Hi MIchelle! Haven't had much crochet that it is spring here I'm having to spend quite a bit of time in the garden trying to maintain it. Roll on autumn :)) xx

  3. Bird by Bird is good. Glad you really do like your haircut and aren't staying inside for a month to let it grow out.

    1. Hi Christine! yes...Bird by Bird is good. I've had it sitting on the bookshelf for awhile... I think now is the time to read it :)) xx