Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Woe is me...

...or more to the point...Woe is my credit card!!

I've discovered  Book Depository!!  Thanks to my friend ex-friend Debbie :)  who told me about it when she visited recently.  Bad move...

I'm a sucker for a good book :)

These books I ordered have arrived already...

Won't tell you how many more are on the way :))

And just so Amazon wouldn't feel left out, I also had this one arrive which I bought from them (second-hand)...
I actually ordered this before I discovered Book Depository ( who don't have it anyway), but with free postage to Australia (and most other places) plus many of their books are discounted, they are still cheaper than I can get here (if  I can even get them here in Australia) or second hand on Amazon (once postage is included).
Jefferson is coming on friday to stay for most of July.  He is driving down from Sydney and bringing his vehicle across on the car ferry.  We hope to finalise settlement on my house on Friday (after 6 months of hold-ups) so he is here to help with the move and organise a few work/repair projects he wants done to the house/garden.
Making more chicken soup today.  Cold, wet, chicken soup weather here!
Keep warm (or cool... depending on where you live) and be happy...


  1. I read Why I Left The Amish and got to meet the author several years ago. It is interesting, I will make no further comment until you read it.

    1. Hi Bean - will let you know what I think of the book. xx

  2. Book depository, yes I have to ignore it at times lol. You will have fun with your new books....enjoy!

  3. Hi Sharm - no shortage of reading material here :) xx