Thursday, July 10, 2014


Back to working on my crocheted baby blanket...

...and continuing to read Ira Wagler's book.  I started it awhile ago, then put it aside for other reads, but picked it up again yesterday and am powering through it and really enjoying it. 
 I can relate to so much of what he is saying as he vacillated between the Amish and the world.  I was only with the Mennonites for 6 months, yet it took me another 6 months of agonising decision making before I decided it wasn't for me. 
 Even now I still have yearnings for that way of life and miss the folk there (had a visit from one of them yesterday), but know that I could not make it in the long term. 
I am ever grateful to have had the opportunity to fellowship with them and see what it is really like on the inside.
Here's Ira's blog post for Amish Wannabe's.  Read the comments too as they are very interesting.
And for those of you who haven't read it, here is my post about Why I'm not Mennonite.
I seem to be in Amish/Mennonite mode in my reading at the moment, and in this post I've listed some books relating to the subject that I have purchased recently and am looking forward to reading.
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The sun is shining and it's a beautiful winter's day here :)


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    1. Hi MIchelle - the book is very good. I've almost finished it. xx

  2. I read Ira's post and then the comments, one commenter had the following statement in their comment:

    "It is when we begin to seek out people, places, and things in lieu of Christ that we run into trouble"

    This really spoke to me, it is so true, and it is one that I will keep close to my heart.


    1. Hi Bean - very true...something for us all to remember. xx

  3. I love Granny Squares. I've always being interested in the Amish way of living, . . .the simplicity is what draws me.

    1. Hi Leslie - I love granny squares too. Love the way you can play around with lots of colour.

      Ah yes...simplicity, order and structure...the way I like to live. Unfortunately life doesn't always turn out that way :)

      Thanks for visiting! xx