Saturday, April 5, 2014

To market, to market.... buy fresh produce...not a fat pig!!

There is a new farmers market in Deloraine.  The Little Red Tractor Farmers Market, on every second Saturday morning.

This morning was only the second one, so after my early morning walk at 7am, I had breakfast and then headed on down to the market.  I parked my car on the west side of town and walked over the river bridge...

It was still early and they had just finished setting up...

I think this man had bulbs and the next one was plants...

Preserves on the left, and starting to get busy...

There is an area in the centre to sit and drink coffee and enjoy cooked foods and baked goods, and listen to the busker (a young boy playing the violin)....

This is where I get my eggs....

And my sourdough bread....

And my vegies....

By the time I left at 9am, to walk back over the bridge, the market was quite busy...

Here's some of what I bought...all local produce (within a 50 klm radius) to Deloraine.

Note the bottle of Tasmanian red wine, a glass of which I will enjoy with my dinner tonight....
Bon appetit!!


  1. What a pleasant Saturday morning. Enjoy your dinner and CHEERS to you from me as you enjoy your glass of wine :)

    1. Hi Bean!

      Yes...a pleasant day. And after my trip to the market...I made a trip to the library!! x

  2. Hi Mum, looks like a great new addition to Deloraine. Can't wait to check it out. Natasha

    1. You might be waiting a while!

      Or are you planning a visit??? XX

  3. Oh, it looks lovely.

    It is still cold where I live (New England) and we are just done with the last mound of snow in my driveway. So a trip to the farmers' market with you just now was lovely.

    Thank you for sharing. It really brightened my evening.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 8 adopted

    p.s. I think you are a very beautiful woman...I really admire your mane of hair. So very pretty and your smile says, "Would you like to be my friend?!"

    so nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Kimmie - we have a New England area here in Australia too - in northern New South Wales.

      I love your occupation description in your profile... "gathering orphans" - how lovely :)

      I'm glad my post brightened your evening.

      Your kind words to me have really brightened my day :))

      Lovely to meet new friend!!