Saturday, April 12, 2014

Picked up....

...these books from the library this morning...
I borrowed The Sustainable Asian House for Jefferson, as he and Amy are coming to visit the weekend after Easter.
I think I'll start my reading with The Snow Child. It's been recommended on a few blogs I visit, and I have a soft spot for the setting (Alaska).
And the Brokeback Mountain DVD happened to be on the shelf again so I grabbed it.  I did borrow it about a month ago, but got interrupted while watching it and missed a big chunk in the middle of it and wasn't able to re-watch it before having to take it back.  I know it is rather controversial, but what I saw of it I found really sad (and the scenery is superb!!)
Sewing up the granny square hat I've been crocheting in 'neutrals'.  They look grey in the photo, but are actually shades of brown...

That's it! 
Marnie and Denver are out so I'm making the most of my Saturday afternoon.
And I've still got Van Morrison to keep me company :))


  1. Hi Lynda,
    It's been a while, so great to catch up with your adorable blog!
    It is still my favourite.
    We share some interests that's for sure :o) and I feel so less alone because you're kind enough to share them.
    Bless you.
    Many good wishes to you,
    Bianca xx

    1. Hello Bianca! It's lovely to hear from you again.

      Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments about my blog.

      You are always welcome to get in touch via email any time you want to talk :)

      Blessings on your day!


  2. You really live by this beautiful river, Lynda? Dreamy...........

    1. Hi Lisa - yes...I really live by this beautiful river!!

      I love the water...prefer the sea/ocean...but a river is a close second :)

  3. Dear Lynda Love your handiwork. Have you ever looked at :A Joyful Chaos blogspot, I think you would like it Love Marie

    1. Hi Marie - thanks for your kind words :)

      Yes...I know A Joyful Chaos blog...and visit when I can.

      We are enjoying some lovely autumn days. Hope it is the same for you!