Sunday, April 20, 2014


...started off with a share tea on Thursday night, then Tenebrae service at the Uniting Church I attend. 

"Tenebrae is a traditional service that dates back to the fourth century and held during Holy Week. It captures the shadows of mourning that occurred following Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem through his crucifixion on Good Friday. It extinguishes candles to represent the sorrow felt by Jesus, his disciples and his followers."

We started off with  the church in darkness except for the backlight behind the cross at the front of the church. We had seven lit candles and seven bible readings from Matthew's gospel.  After each reading there was a brief interlude of relevant classical music played (Bach, Mozart, Wagner, etc) and one candle was extinguished.  The seventh candle (representing Christ) was not extinguished, but carried lit from the church and left in the foyer after which we all left in silence.

It was the first time I had attended a Tenebrae service...but it certainly won't be my last.  It made for a lovely start to Easter.

Friday morning I went with Marnie and Denver to the service at the Baptist Church.

After a quick trip to the fortnightly Farmer's Market on Saturday morning to stock up on fresh produce....

...I went down to the river where the free Easter Festival (organised each Easter by the combined Christian churches in Deloraine) activities were being held.  Only stayed for a short time (had to take some baking down for the tea and coffee tent), but it looked like everyone was having a happy time, especially the children with all the activities that were available for them...races, crafts, face painting, train rides, jumping free food!  Even the parents looked happy!!
 The sack race in progress...
Then, this morning there was a combined Easter Sunday church service down by the river ( photos) which although not as well attended as the festival on the previous day, was a lovely finish to the Easter activities.  Even the rain held off till the service was over!
Having a quiet Sunday afternoon now.
I hope your Easter is a blessed one!


  1. Tenebrae sounds very nice, and your whole day sounds just perfect! Happy Easter, Lynda.

    1. Thank you Lisa!

      Happy Easter to you too!!