Monday, March 24, 2014


It's autumn favourite season.

This morning when I went on my walk it was just getting light.  I need to go early so I can get back in time to get Marnie and Denver up for work and school.

We are still on daylight saving time for another couple of weeks, then we will be back to 'normal' time, so the mornings will be a bit lighter for awhile until the shorter winter days arrive, and with them the frosts.  Then I walk later in the morning as the early morning paths are too slippery with ice.

It was quite chilly this morning, but the up side was I (and other early morning walkers that I pass) got to see an amazing sunrise.

This morning was spectacular...pinks, purples, oranges...all across the sky!!
(sorry no photo...didn't take my camera). 

And in keeping with the quiet, reflective calmness of the season (and this is also the season of Lent), I picked up some quiet reads at the library on Saturday...

And I'm listening to this quiet music...beautiful harp and voice by Christina Sonnemann...

My crochet is not so quiet, but rather loud in colour. (We all need some colour in our lives!!) 
These are adult hats I've made to sell in one of the craft shops in Deloraine...

And I've just finished these two for children/babies...
 Also these baby blankets.  All the hats and blankets are in pure wool which I love working with.  Just need to get my act together and get them to the shop...

It's really quiet time now.

Bedtime :))


  1. Morning Lynda! Definitely getting cooler here as well, those beanies should get some interest with all the colours and granny squares..... very clever :) Do you manage to sell a lot through the shop?

    1. Hi Sharm - have sold them Stanley, at markets and here in Deloraine and Oatlands, but haven't had any in the shops over the last 12 months, so will see how they go over winter.

  2. I love your work, Lynda - bright and cheerful. You must be an early riser, and an organized person, too. :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! I don't know about being organised. I love the idea of it, but with Marnie and Denver here with me most of the time it is only an ideal...not reality!

      Yes...I am an early riser, but I'm also an early to bed-er. Usually head to bed around 8.30 to read for awhile then lights out at 9 :)