Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Tasmania is traditionally known as The Apple Isle, because there are lots of apples grown here particularly down south in the Huon Valley area.

I have lots of apples growing in the backyard of my rental house.  Red ones....

And green ones...
They have been espaliered along the side fence but have not had any attention or pruning done to them for a few years.  They are overloaded with apples, unfortunately also with codling moth (but I just cut those bits out).
There are 3 varieties:  granny smith, golden delicious and a red variety I don't know the name of.
The granny smith are still too green to eat (I tried one this morning) but the golden delicious are ready so I cooked some up today to eat with my quinoa, goat yoghurt and honey that I have for breakfast every morning. 
 It was so nice to be able to pick them off the tree and bring inside and cook up. 
 Can't get much fresher than that!! 
I think the red variety are not quite ready yet either.  And the best thing is they have not had sprays or pesticides used on them (hence the pests!!)
Looks like I won't need to buy apples for awhile :)
Also finally made the lemon poppy seed loaf using quinoa flour that I mentioned at the end of THIS post.
It's nice... but the texture and flavour are a bit different than normal wheat flour.  I have another recipe using wheat flour which I will try also.  I do love the taste of the poppy seeds and lemon together.
And I'm getting back to basics reading my Grass Roots magazine...
Have a happy and productive day!!


  1. When I make apple pie I always use Granny Smiths. How nice for you to have so many free apples nearby. Do you have a goat, or is goat's milk yogurt available near you? That's something I'd like to try.

  2. Hi Lisa - No, I don't have a goat. I buy my goat's milk yoghurt from the health food shop in town. I like the plain, although they have berry and mango. It is made nearby and delivered weekly to the shop.
    My body does not tolerate cow's milk yoghurt very well (it always seems to sit 'heavily' in my stomach), but the goat yoghurt is much more easily digested.

    1. They say it's closer to human milk than any other kind.

  3. What a wonderful thing to have the apple trees.

    1. Hi MIchelle! doesn't get much better than your own fresh garden produce :)

  4. We had an abundance of apples last fall, the first time in the twelve years since we planted the trees that they have truly produced usable fruit. What a blessing all those apples were, we had pies, and canned apple butter and apple sauce. My grandchildren LOVE applesauce and just last week finished off the last jar. I am still enjoying apple butter on my toast. But best of all was simply eating a freshly picked apple, so good, so crisp, so juicy.
    Enjoy the abundance.


    1. Hi Bean! The apple excess takes me back to my farm days. We had 6 apple trees of different varieties, so it was away...all to be repeated over many months!!

      The worst part is the waste. I hate to waste food, but many of the apples fell to the ground, there were so many but lots too small to do anything with. I feed those to the neighbouring sheep :)

  5. Greetings from a fellow Tasmanian. I came via Small Things blog.:)

  6. Nice to meet a fellow Taswegian :)

    Where abouts in Tasmania are you?

    Do you have a blog?

    Hope you're enjoying this wonderful autumn day!!

  7. Hello again, I am in the southern Midlands area - Elderslie. Unfortunately I do not have a blog. I am enjoying the autumn weather. Quite cool in the mornings though. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Daffodil Angel! Yes...lovely autumn days! My favourite time of year !!

      Enjoy your week :)