Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mennonite Conference Deloraine Tasmania

The Mennonite Church here in Deloraine are holding their conference next weekend 8-9 March.

You would be very welcome if you wished to attend.

For more info, phone Harold Weaver on (03) 6362 3609
M: 0467042065.

Maybe I'll see you there :)


  1. I tried so hard to get more info on Mennonites here, even went to the SDA church after a meeting and spoke to Harold.
    If Mennonites want to progress their numbers maybe it's time to use media like internet etc?
    I feel left out now and really wanted to be a part of their church.
    Only one thing I find not scriptural is their lack of desire for men to have beards. This is unnatural and scriptural....will they accept men who are bearded without judgement?
    Mark 0406250500

    1. Hi Mark - did you go to the conference? I didn't get there, but I agree that they will have a hard time getting 'outsiders' to join their church. I attended their meetings for 6 months before deciding it wasn't for me.

      You can email me ( if you would like to discuss further. I know of more conservative/Anabaptist believers in Tas with whom you might feel more of a connection.

  2. Hi Lynda. Hope you're enjoying the last days of tassie summer. About the announcement above. Does it mean that any of christian (evangelist, catholic or from anglican) can have an opportunity to visit MCDT services?

    1. Hi Dyuissen!

      Yes...anyone can attend their meetings. This notice was for their annual conference, the 2015 one being held last weekend, but they meet every Sunday and you would be welcome to attend I am sure.

      I believe they meet for their weekly service at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Deloraine, but contact them on the numbers above to confirm. Hope this is of help :)

    2. I meant the 2016 (not 2015) Conference was held last weekend!!

  3. Hello,

    I met some Mennonite people last Wednesday at Rocky Cape.Very neatly dressed and the Lady I spoke to was very polite to take time out to answer questions.
    Reading the above comments on men's facial hair I have never seen a picture of Jesus without a beard.I believe Jesus done his work for the Glory of his Heavenly Father.




    1. Hi Warren! Were they Mennonites, or Hutterites from the Rocky Cape Community? The Mennonite women wear white caps...the Hutterite women wear black headscarves.

      And if I remember correctly, the Hutterite men have beards, were as the Mennonites do not. Just to confuse the issue :))

      But yes...they are all lovely people, in fact, I am going to worship with the Deloraine Mennonites on Sunday. They have a Fellowship meal after the church service the first sunday of the month.