Saturday, March 10, 2012

A good ending to a not so good week

Monday was our ladies bible study meeting (studying the second half of the book of Isaiah) and then a share lunch together, and supermarket shopping on the way home.
Monday night I started to come down with a migraine :o(

Tuesday morning was our first meeting for the year of our charity knitting group (we don't meet over the summer months), and as I am the co-ordinator...I had to be there. So I dosed up on my migraine medication and joined the ladies. They had brought in lots of knitted (and sewn) items they had been working on over summer.  The knitted squares will be sewn together to make blankets.

Last year we send away 330 items to various charities, and that included 7 big blankets!

I had to leave the get together a little early as my head was getting bad again. My migraine and I shared the next 3 days, but my medication did give me some relief for a few hours at a time. Thursday afternoon I made a chocolate slice and ginger biscuits as I was expecting visitors for lunch on friday. I was thinking I might have to cancel their visit, but friday morning I was feeling much better, and enjoyed a lovely few hours with the Mennonite folk from Deloraine.

The couple in the middle are the minister and his wife, and the couple on the right were visiting from California.
I had lots of questions for them...and they had lots of answers!


  1. Our ladies group did crocheted lap blankets for our project the past few years! It's lots of fun :)

  2. Praying the migranes ease. I can have no medications for mine because I had a stroke when I was in my 30's. Not so fun but I have my little tricks. Love the last picture of everyone!

  3. As I fellow migraine sufferer I feel for you. Thankfully I have them less frequently now! But they do seem to love to hang around for three days don't they?



  4. Hi CNK - mostly the ladies knit the squares because not many of them know how to crochet, but I think the crochet ones are quicker to do.

  5. Hi Michelle - it must be difficult to suffer with migraines and not be able to take any medication to help. I remember what mine were like before I got onto the medication I now take. Even less fun than they are now :o(

  6. Hi Bean - mine seem to be more frequent now than when I was younger. I think they were hormone related, but now that I don't have any hormones... :o) ... they seem to be weather related (northeasterly winds and high air pressure).

    Whatever the cause...they are not much fun!

  7. They are so cute- i want one for a penpal- can you ask? marnie