Sunday, March 4, 2012

Change of plans!!

Surprise!!  I've decided not to close my blog after all :o)

I started to write a long scree as to why, but the more I wrote, the more complicated it got!

So will just say that I feel the Lord impressing on me to keep it open as a christian presence on the internet. 

My postings may be rather sporadic, but I will get here when I can.

To those who commented that they would like to keep in touch by snail mail, I have written you letters this afternoon and will get them in the post to you tomorrow.

If anyone else would like to correpsond, please put your address details in a comment (which I will not publish) and I will get a letter to you.

Just to update on today (Sunday);  it is cool and raining.  I walked to church in between showers.  I could have driven, but as I haven't been beach walking the last 2 days due to wet weather and high tides, I enjoyed the walk...and it's only up the road and around the corner!

We had a visiting minister from Hobart and his sermon was very good (on the first couple of chapters of Romans).  I had taken the ginger biscuits I made yesterday to share at our after service fellowship cuppa.

Having had lunch, gotten letters written and this blog post done, I am going to do some knitting.  I finished my cardigan I was knitting (will get photos on as soon as I can), and as I am still in knitting mode, I am going to knit a sleeveless, button front vest for myself (photos soon).

Hope ya all are enjoying your weekend!


  1. So glad you will stay. I was going to leave facebook but I felt so pressed upon by God to stay and also by my friends who seem to like the encouragement and all. Huggles sister!

  2. Hi Michelle - yes, we christian sister need to keep our presence out there ...for the Lord! xx

  3. Hi Lynda,
    Guess I must have missed where you were thinking of closing your blog..... I don't always catch all the updates when I'm having internet connection probs (which seem rather regular these days). I tried out the ginger biscuit receipe you put in with the robin & they were a hit. I made them Sat & we actually have some left for lunches today. Also made a nice peach tea cake with peaches from our tree. Love & Hugs, Sharm

  4. Hi Sharm - unfortunately I find the ginger biscuits rather addictive, so try not to make them too often.

    Peach tea cake sounds yummy! xx

  5. Hello,

    Glad you are keeping the blog open.
    I look forward to seeing pictures of your cardigan.

    Two favors to ask :)

    1. Would you be willing to share the pattern for the sleeveless button front vest, as I have been wanting to knit one but have not been able to find a pattern, if so I will give you my contact information.

    2. Would you be willing to share your ginger cookie recipe. I really like ginger cookies, ginger snaps, ginger bread, I have yet to find a recipe that I really love. My most favorite ginger snaps come from the dollar store, they are yummy, our dear dog Tasha loved them so much when she was alive. I didn't purchase ginger snaps very often, but when I did Tasha was right there, she would just crunch, crunch, crunch, and seemed to really, really enjoy them.
    Blessings to you,


  6. Oh I am so glad you aren't closing it. I do enjoy reading your encouraging words, your uplifting messages and seeing what project you are working on next :) Hugs to you Sister Lynda!

    God be with thee!
    Sister Lori

  7. Hi Bean - I'm happy to share the pattern with you. I could try scanning it, but not sure if it will come up clear enough, so if you sent me your mailing address (in a comment here which I won't publish), I will photocopy it and mail to you.

    Will get the recipe for the ginger biscuits up here on my blog asap... and a photo of my cardigan :o)

  8. Hi Sister Lori - thank you for your kind words :o)

    How's the book reading coming along?