Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday I made my weekly trip to town and the library is a regular stop. I generally come home with a bag of books and then end up taking most of them back unread due to lack of time.

I'm starting with this book Friendly Persuasion about a Quaker family in America's mid west. I had heard mention of it on another blog and so far I am really enjoying it.

What are you reading? I'm always interested to hear about good books.


  1. Right now, I am reading The Way of Perfection by Teresa of Avila and Plain Living - a Quaker path to simplicity.

    I have read a slice of organic life...very inspirational.

    Enjoy your reading time :)


  2. I am also reading Teresa of Avila. The Interior Castle (for the second time). And I am reading a book by Gail Godwin (one of my favorite writhers).'Heart, the story of its myths and meanings'. In the subway, on my way to and from work, I read Rosamund Pilcher's 'Mountain Thyme'.
    I love reading and, just like you, always take to many books from the library. (And, oh, oh... now I also want to read the books you and Maria are reading :).


  3. Maria - I have not read either of those books...they sound good, unfortunately they are not available at the library...looks like I might have to pay Amazon a visit :o)

    I did read A Quaker Book of Wisdom by Robert Lawrence Smith recently and enjoyed it.

  4. Vera - I have enjoyed many of Rosamunde Pilcher's books over the years. The first one I read was The Shell Seekers. I also enjoyed Coming Home and Winter Solstice.

    I have also jumped (a bad habit of mine) from reading The Friendly Persuasion to reading The Stillmeadow much to read and so little time.... :o)

    I have not heard of Gail Godwin...I will look for her books at the library.

  5. Try to find, The Finishing School or Father Melancholies Daughter. I think they are the best.