Friday, February 18, 2011

New projects

I'm crocheting squares for a baby blanket for a friend whose baby is due any day now. The squares are actually mauve, green and yellow...although in the picture the yellow looks pink. When I know whether she has a girl or boy, I will add pink or blue squares accordingly. And I will probably edge each square in white.

And this is the knitting project I've been working on for awhile, but am getting back to now. The vest is in eco wool, which is natural and undyed, and smells very 'sheepy'...I love it!

Today the weather has been very grey and windy...good knitting and crocheting weather :o)


  1. I found your blog from "a plain and gentle life".
    The baby blanket looks like it will be adorable when finished! This reminds me I really need to finish my grandfather's knitted vest for the coming week!

    God's heavenly blessing,

  2. The blanket is going to be absolutely lovely Lynda. I have to begin one for a baby that is almost here in two months.

    Thank you for the reminder :)



  3. Hello Grace Marie and Maria - I finished the baby blanket today! I was going to wait to see whether to add pink or blue squares, but got impatient, so added blue to this one, and will also make another one in pinks...they are very quick to make :o)

    I'll post a picture in the next couple of days.