Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paul Washer

I've just discovered Paul Washer. You can watch his videos here.

I've just watched a Conversation with Paul Washer and will certainly be watching more. Seems to me he preaches it like it should be.


  1. Lynda,

    I have just spend the past 2 hours hearing him preach! He is anointed by His Spirit to tell it like it should be told!

    Thanks for sharing the link...


  2. I like Paul Washer's sermons too. The two that I have seen anyway.

    He says some things that people are shocked by. That seems to happen to those who have been listening to other people more than to the Word of God.

    It's worth listening to his sermons twice. The first time wears off after about a week.

  3. Hello Maria and Clevsea - as you'll see by my recent post I have been listening to more Paul Washer. His sermons certainly are convicting, and encourage me to get reading my bible more (I thank you for that too Clevsea!) xx