Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beach walk

Sometimes the tide is very high when I go for my morning walk. This is about where I start, and walk around to the end of the land on the left.

Some days the beach is clear (depending on the winds), some days it is littered with branches and rubbish that has been washed up by the waves

I usually meet some birdlife...either in the water or on the sand

By the time I'm walking back the tide has gone out a little. Sometimes I collect shells on the way down the beach, and I always carry a plastic bag to collect rubbish (glass,plastic,cans, etc) on the way back. Unfortunately, most days I fill the bag!


  1. Are you getting a nice collection of sea shells?

  2. Yes Sharm - I have a platter of them on my coffee table. Not collecting any more now as I have nowhere to put them really...even though I am tempted when I see an extra pretty one :o)