Sunday, December 8, 2019

Weekend Words

Children's Choir

Tonight I heard some children sing,
And Jesus Christ was praised.
I'm sure it blessed the Lord to hear
The joyful noise they raised.
So sweet and dear, all dressed in white,
Their songs have struck a chord
Within my heart, and now I hope
I'm singing to the Lord.

Oh, may my heart pick up the strain,
And sing their humble verse.
And may I learn their simple trust,
That shall all doubt disperse.
The melody of love they sing,
The harmony of praise,
The lyrics of forgiveness,
May I sing it all my days.

I long to bow at Jesus' feet
Along with saints of old,
And sing with them and children sweet
Upon the streets of gold.
I long with them to raise my voice,
With hearts of love to sing 
Our grateful praises to our God,
And Jesus Christ our King.

(Lyndon Christner)

white winter wonderland outside Natasha's Connecticut kitchen window


  1. Oh, how I would love a wide windowsill over the kitchen sink! A very nice (and familiar) view. :) We need to be reminded, don't we, to try and be like a child.

    1. It's a lovely scene, especially for us who have Christmas in summer :) xx