Friday, December 6, 2019

December Yarn Along

It's Yarn Along time again, but Ginny hasn't put the link up yet, so I will go ahead and publish my post anyway, and add the link when it goes up.

This blanket I was working on in last month's post is finally finished...

Finished reading The Last Runaway and really enjoyed it.  Might search out some more of her books...
and working on  this month's Knit 4 Charities request.  Lap blankets for Wheelchairs for Kids

A selection of books and music I like to read and listen to at this time of year...

And your nature shot...
at the river this morning

Here in Tasmania we have snow on the mountains and cold, gale force winds at the moment. 
 And this is summer! 

 On the mainland they are having drought, high temperatures and horrific bushfires.  
And this is Global Warming!!

Stay safe wherever you are.



  1. Your blanket of browns & blues looks great. Looks like it has found its home on your chair. ? True ?

    1. It's brown and cream!
      And it is folded on the arm of the lounge for now :) xx

  2. Lovely post - it's been very busy at our end and I owe you a letter with Lots of news and our new address

    1. Just checked out your latest blog post. The move and new house sounds ideal! Hope you get some time soon to enjoy it :) xx