Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Filling the days


Some days are sunshine...

Some days are not so...
but still beautiful

my standard breakfast fare: quinoa and buckwheat, apple and rhubarb, sheep yoghurt, banana and blueberries

a quick and easy tomato base recipe from a friend, which will go into the freezer for when needed 


My blue green squares continue to lay on my loungeroom floor.  Every so often I walk past, cast a critical eye at them, move a couple here and there and 'walk on by...'  Was going to just place them randomly (and I did), but they sort of formed a pattern and it's either all or nothing, so now I'm trying to get it right...
Keeps the mind busy...you move one and one side lines up but then the other doesn't! 
Almost as much fun as doing Sudoku or a Rubik's cube.

In the meantime, I'm going to join the charity blanket squares.  So they are gracing my floor now, with the others underneath. (Out of sight out of mind.)  I usually sew the squares together but think I'll try crocheting them this time...
(addendum: crocheting the squares together is working a treat!)

I have finished this crocheted blanket I was working on and really like the colours...
and continue to read The Pianist of Yarmouk, which gives good insight into conditions in Syria (Damascus) before and during the siege, and he and his family's subsequent escape to Germany. I've almost finished it and it has been very interesting. Muchly recommended!

Still cold and wintery here, but there are signs of Spring...

And this morning...
7am from the road bridge

Filling the days!



  1. I see the flowering tree in that last (beautiful!) photo, and I remember it's almost spring where you are. Your book sounds good, and I think I'll look for it. Have you heard of Fort of Nine Towers? One of the best I've read, along the same lines, but about Afghanistan - I HIGHLY recommend it.
    I am interested in your tomato base, Lynda - can you elaborate?

  2. Yes...more and more trees are in flower.
    Finished The Pianist… and it was very good.
    Have just reserved your recommendation from the library.
    And I will elaborate on the tomato base in my next post. xx