Sunday, February 17, 2019

Weekend Words

The Duck.

Standing at my kitchen sink looking out the window at the cattle on
the hill and the sun sparkling on the flowing creek, I am watching a
little duck on the creek paddling upstream against the flow, and
thinking that's what life feels like sometimes.

The impression I get from this little duck is not that he is
paddling fast, hard and furious, but that he is enjoying the journey
even though he is going against the tide. He appears to be looking
around (despite the fact that under the water his little feet are
probably going 'ten to the dozen'). He's not making for a straight
line, but crossing from one side of the creek to the other....perhaps
he knows the path of least resistance? 

It got me to thinking about our Christian walk. Life takes us on
detours sometimes (some good, some bad) - we can feel like we are paddling upstream and not getting very far. Sometimes we are knocked back by the fast flowing current of life and have to take a
little rest in a sheltered spot near the bank to regain our the little duck does.

But we need to remember there is joy in the journey even amongst the
trials, and we should take a lesson from that little duck and look
around at the beauty that surrounds us despite the problems we may be
in the midst of. Take a little rest on the bank if we need to, but
don't forget to get back in the creek. We know that we aren't
paddling alone (Jesus is with us!) and that the destination (heaven)
will be worth all the trials we may have had to endure here on

Even in the hard times, there are blessings to be found if we
look for them!

(Lynda Helen Kay - 2008)

FYI - the poems and prose I post for my Weekend Words over the next few weeks were written when I was married to The Farmer, and lived (and worked) on the farm.  I am no writer, so all credit for the ability to write them goes to God, although maybe He'd rather not be credited with the results :))


  1. Thanks... these words, spoke to me. Xxx

  2. Oh yes, we can definitely suffer from whirling thoughts that keep us from having a balanced outlook. Which, as you say, can help take us away from our troubles and enable us to count our blessings.