Friday, February 22, 2019

This week...

My green granny is finished!!  I also finished reading Homespun, and have started Gathering of Sisters...
 both books are very interesting and entertaining (real life stories, not fiction)

(FYI - although I don't like all the advertising on the Amazon links, I use them because they give you the option to read excerpts of the book - click on book cover on the left of the Amazon page)

Now I need to finish this baby blanket off (just needs the cream edging)…
for Jefferson and Anushka's baby due in about 3 weeks!!

Made more jam...
 I remove the seeds before cooking, but you can leave them in and skim off as the jam cooks if you want.  I prefer to do it this way so I don't have to stand over the boiling jam and 'catch the pips'

That's it for the plum jam...
the rest of the plums can go in the freezer for later, I'm a bit over jam making for now

Made tabbouli, to go with my fish (trevalla)...
 Wednesday is fresh fish day (the local butcher gets fish in every Wednesday!)

The weather is cooling down a bit, so I worked on tidying up a garden bed in the front of my house...

And getting another one started at the side of the house...

Made some cards to go with my pen pal letters...
 now all I have to do is get the letters written!!

A trip to the Op shop saw me coming home with these bargains…
a denim skirt, some Maeve Binchy books (although I read most of them many years ago, they will make nice, light, winter reading), and a Denby pottery coffee pot (minus the lid).  All for the grand total of $14!!

When I opened my kitchen blinds at 6.30 this morning, this is what greeted me...
for a few minutes the sky was this brilliant colour!

Hope you've had a productive and 'colourful' week!



  1. i like Maeve Binchy, Circle of Friends is a favorite of my mine, right now I am reading Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

    Enjoy your day,


    1. A friend mentioned she was reading one of her books and it reminded me I had enjoyed them in the past, so when I saw these in the Op shop I though they might make good re-reading. I'd like to read her final book, published after she died - A Week in Winter. I enjoy books with cold, snowy, wintery weather settings :)

      A good day to you too! xx

  2. I was in a used book shop yesterday evening and in the paperback section there was a copy of The Lilac Bus by MB, so I purchased it :)

    1. So many books to little time to do it... :)) xx