Thursday, November 1, 2018

Out and About - Week 1

Have a friend staying from Europe, and as he has not been to Tasmania he is keen for us to get out and about each day to see the sights, mostly bushwalking and geocaching so far.

Not sure how often I'll get to update as the pace is pretty hectic, but here are some pics from our first week...

Our first walk...

We detoured to a peaceful spot on the Meander River...

Before arriving at our destination at Huntsman Lake...
the reservoir for the Meander Dam

And captured this amazing cloud formation pic...
sky angel

An early start and a 200km drive to Stanley.
First a walk on the beach...

Then the steep climb up The Nut and 2 laps around while doing a bit of Geocaching..
but not forgetting to enjoy the view 

part of the town

A couple more caches in and around Stanley and a final overview pic....

Then the long drive home.

Today was a home day to catch up with things here, then tomorrow the 4 day Tasmanian Craft Fair starts in town so I'm looking forward to checking out the exhibits.

Will update again when I can...



  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place. Thanks.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them Bean and Jill. xx

  3. Enjoy your visit! I love the sky angel - if you hadn't looked up, you'd have missed it!

  4. I've never heard of geocaching before so I'm glad you put the link in. I guess it must be a bit of fun as it takes you to places. Is it something you've done before?

    1. Hi Sharm - I'd never done geocaching before although had heard of it. My friend Benjamin has done a lot of it in Europe and other countries, so I'm happy to join in, and even beat him to finding a few caches :)) xx