Friday, November 9, 2018

November Yarn Along

Joining others for Yarn Along.

With all my out and about walking (see blog posts HERE and HERE), my reading and knitting has gone by the wayside a bit...

But I'm still working on the vest/sleeveless pullover in my lovely Faroese yarn, and doing a bit of mindless crochet (a baby blanket for charity), while reading The Better Son, which is set in the local area (Mole Creek) and although I've dragged it out a bit due to lack of reading time, I'm really enjoying it.

While we are on the subject of crafting, the Annual Tasmanian Craft Fair was on in Deloraine over 4 days last weekend.  The weather wasn't the best (cool, showers and windy), but we ventured out on the Saturday for a browse of the various venues, and (as one does) I bought a bag...

Daughter Marnie just managed to get her craft studio set up in time for the fair, and is now in a permanent venue at the Deloraine Creative Studios in the main street...

Call in and see her if you are in Deloraine

She also has her Etsy store HERE

Cold and raining here.  Springtime in Tasmania!!

No bushwalking today...



  1. Wow - what a cute shop Marnie has! I wish her all the best.

  2. Thanks Lisa. I'll pass on your wishes to her. xx

  3. Marnie is looking fabulous, well done her, her work is beautiful and how exciting to now have a "brick and mortar" venue to sell.

    Life is good,


    1. Thanks Bean - yes her work is beautiful, and she is doing well with sales, and will be happy to know she is 'looking fabulous' :)) xx

  4. Marnie looks very happy and her little shop looks wonderful and very inviting! I hope she does well with it! Some lovely macrame work there .....did she make those curtains?

    1. Many people have commented on her shop set up when they visited, and yes...she made the curtains! xx