Tuesday, May 15, 2018

first light...

Down at the river early yesterday morning...

And because it is supposed to get down to -1'C overnight, I decided to move all my plants and clutter from around the wood heater...

And do a 'first light' for the year...

Remember this secret project I was working on...
 It's a blanket for Ben and Hayley's baby

I had wrapped it and given it to them when they visited in March to be opened at the Baby Shower, which happened last Saturday.  So...here it is...modelled by...
 mother to be Hayley

and "Baby Bump"

Still working on my India Blanket...
 doing the border rows

And started reading THIS book...
good reading so far

And for dinner...
vegie stir fry...

Eaten by the fire!
With my book!
And crochet!

Doesn't get much better!!!



  1. We lit our fire a couple of weeks ago now - funny how it becomes a place for plants during summer lol. The blanket came out great and love the early morning river photos!

    1. I was trying to hold out till June to light the fire, mostly because I was too lazy to move the plants and bring the wood in :)

      And Happy Birthday to you my friend!! xx

  2. Hello lynda. The baby blanket for Ben & Hayley baby is beautiful. Colours will suit boy or girl. Loving your India blanket. I am assuming you have enough yarn?.

    1. It's a girl!!!!

      And I'm working with the yarn I've got left, so all should be well :) xx