Thursday, May 10, 2018


Down at the river...

And outside my lounge room window...

Last week I picked  up 2 big bags of Fuji apples at a roadside stand in a nearby town...

Which I cooked up with some rhubarb from the garden and a dash of cardamom, cloves, allspice and mixed spice...

And put into containers for the freezer...

Time for a bit of escapism with my morning coffee...
Running Away From Home... Very mixed reviews, but I am enjoying the details.

And an update on the India blanket...
 16 x '4 square' blocks to sew together

Then to add some borders and edging with the yarn that is left...

While binge watching Season two of Longmire (from the library)...

And reading this delightful book: English Lessons by Andrea Lucado (Max's daughter)

(In case you missed it...I've updated my header photo, taken down at the spillway early this morning)

No better time of day than early morning!



  1. So strange it is fall for you. I was driving to work today and found myself beaming at the beautiful spring morning, the red bud trees in full blossom, the delicate green of all the new leaves on the trees and bushes, the blue sky, the fluffy white clouds, the green, green grass, it just makes my spirit soar.
    Each season has it's own beauty and splendor and all we have to do is open our eyes to enjoy.
    That apple/rhubarb dish looks absolute divine.


    1. At the moment it's rain! rain! rain! But it's to be expected as we are almost into winter. Enjoying the beauty of what is... xx

  2. I did notice the change of photo in the header - love getting to see it from various angles! The apples look yummy - I tried some ruhbarb for the first time last year but can't say I was a fan - blanket is looking good!

    1. I'm not a fan of rhubarb on its own, but do like it with the apple. The rhubarb variety I have here is very red and sweet and gives the apple a pretty colour. I think the spices I add give it extra flavour too. xx

  3. Oh gosh, another scary photo of your river! ;-) Your blanket is looking so pretty.

    1. Not scary... Beautiful :) xx