Wednesday, April 18, 2018

On this day...

Had some garden work done yesterday...trees and stumps removed...old garden structures dismantled...
 I've been out this morning doing a bit more.  Starting to see a difference, but a lot more to be done before winter sets in.

Then inside for my morning indulgence...

I had my friend Debbie staying for a couple of nights last week, and she is here again tonight to stay on her way back home.  She sent me this yarn from India last year (where she lives for 6 months and then here in TAS for 6).  I made a start on a project, but didn't really have a design in mind, and so it got put aside.  Back at it now, feeling guilty that she is visiting again (12 months later) and I still haven't finished it, so making a concerted effort to finish it before she goes back to India again...

I did finish this little baby/toddler top using up a ball of variegated/fair isle yarn I had.  Just need to get some buttons for the shoulders...
 I really like the way the 'variegations' knit up to a fair isle pattern...all by itself :)

Reading another Fredrik Backman book, and as usual I am not disappointed.  This is the third of his I've read and I really like how he explores his character's personalities and quirkiness.  He is very perceptive...

A light frost this morning...winter is on the way...

Ideal knitting, crocheting and reading between garden work of course... :))



  1. Good to see the blocks coming together. Don't feel guilty, it's coming along nicely....

    1. And hopefully will be finished when you next visit :)) xx

  2. The new variegated yarns are really fun to knit with, it is cool to see the pattern unfold. Love that cosy baby vest, I can just picture a plump, rosy cheeked bubby wearing it 😊
    Gardening, it really is a hobby for optimists isn't it? Always planning, dreaming, envisioning, modifying, it is good for the mind and body.

    Peace be with you,


    1. I really enjoyed knitting the little vest, especially in the variegated yarn.

      And until I can get more of the clutter cleared in the garden, I can't even begin to think about planning, dreaming, etc.

      But the time will come... xx

  3. Morning Lynda ...... looking good on all accounts! Our internet has been down .... still is so I'vve had to resort to purchase one of those USB things with mobile internet on it .... haven't used one in years lol

    1. Makes one wonder how we survived in pre internet days :))) xx