Tuesday, April 3, 2018

On this day...

Winter woollies...
 (taken to Bec's shop)

Keeping busy...

 Watched The Girl on the Train DVD - it was good!
After a few false starts (which always happens after reading a good book - BearTown), I've settled on reading a Henning Mankell book.
Have knitted a beanie for charity.
And now working on a cover for the cushion on my lounge chair.

(lettuce, rocket, cucumber, capsicum, tomato, egg, corn,
cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds)

And remember awhile back I mentioned I was working on a birthday surprise for a friend...
I finished it!

She called in today, so I gave it to her (and she liked it!)...an early birthday present...
Happy Birthday Vicki!!!


(Linking in with Ginny for April Yarn Along HERE)


  1. Oh that granny blanket looks great - love the white alternate rows with a mixture of other colours! I've contemplated watching that movie - might give it a go sometime over the next couple of months

  2. Hi Sharm! Yes...I thought the cream in between toned the colours down a bit. And Vicki was very happy with it...they were her 'colours'.

    The movie was pretty intense, but very good. xx

  3. Granny squares any size are my favorites.

    1. Mine too Leslie! And it's always interesting to see how the different colour combinations come together. xx

  4. What a lovely birthday gift. And I really do like Henning Mankell and Kurt Wallander :)

    1. Have you read his final book After The Fire? So very good. xx

    2. No, I havent. But now I have to :)