Thursday, March 22, 2018

Marnie and I visited a new café at Westbury...

Working on a new baby blanket for charity...

Finished another beanie (new pattern) for Bec's shop...

Starting a new book (from the library) 

And just because I love the soft autumn sunlight...

It will soon be time to light the wood heater and snuggle in for the winter



  1. don't you just love the sunlight, the back of our house faces west, in the early evening the light takes on a golden hue, I call it the golden hour and it is my most favorite time of day.

    I like the mural on the wall of the new restaurant, I looked at it an thought, oh they should have decorated the room in the same color/style of the mural, so you kind of get a sense of the entire room just going on and on and on.
    just my random thoughts today :)


    1. Yes...the softer light is very special.

      And the café has a bit more continuity than shows in the photo, but I was mostly trying to get the mural. Will try and take a wider shot next time we go :) xx