Thursday, March 15, 2018

Movie night in down town Deloraine

Last Saturday night was the monthly Film Society movie in the Deloraine Little Theatre...
starting to fill up

The movie was Hidden Figures...

Which turned out to be surprisingly good.  Except...for some reason, they had English subtitles for an English movie???  Maybe someone in the theatre had requested it. was a bit disconcerting, because I didn't know whether to read or listen!  I tried just listening, but my eyes kept going to the words, so in the end...just went with that, and 'read' the movie.  Still good!

Rain today, so a good time to...

 feeding the addiction...more ginger and macadamia shortbread

Read and knit...
 beanies for Bec's shop

Leonard's latest...and as good as ever

Keeping busy and staying warm


  1. OK, wait a minute - do you mean Australian subtitles for an American movie? :D

    Was the text exactly the same as the dialogue, or was it a "translation"? How strange. Or perhaps someone in the audience was hard of hearing.

    1. Well, to be precise, the movie was American, and the subtitles were in English (translated exactly word for word). Strange indeed. But I had the same thought...perhaps someone in the audience was hard of hearing or deaf. It made for an interesting experience! xx

  2. We show movies at the library, usually as soon as they come out on dvd, and we run them with subtitles visible because it's mostly older folks who come and they don't all hear well.

    1. Good thinking! Maybe I should get into practice now :)) xx

  3. Don't knock the subtitles. A week or so ago I watched Interstellar on DVD. Twenty minutes in I had to turn on the English subtitles because I couldn't understand what Matthew McConaughey was saying. I shouldn't have bothered - it was a load of rubbish anyway. Oh well.

    1. I had the same problem with trying to understand some African Americans in a movie I was watching, but I didn't even bother trying to find the subtitles, figured it wasn't worth it, and turned it off. Not because I'm racist, just because it wasn't a good movie. Got your letter :)