Sunday, February 11, 2018


Good morning sunshine...

Walked to church this morning...
 from the top of the hill

 to the bottom

 over the railway line and into the caravan park

 over the walk bridge

 and along the east side of the river

 a short cut up the hill

and made it...just in time!

On the way home...over the road bridge...
 river looking good as always

 over the rail crossing

 my local library and online access centre

 main street...very quiet on a Sunday morning

 and even quieter

All that walking made me for lunch...another 'one bowl wonder'...
fetta, lamb and rosemary sausage; carrot, celery, onion, butter beans, red cabbage, broccoli, quinoa, pine nuts, walnuts, currants, spices-curry, cumin, turmeric, caraway seeds

And now for a quiet afternoon...
Enjoy yours!


  1. The main street looks just how I remember it from 14yrs ago when we stopped at one of the cafes for an early breakfast - everything else was closed as we had been keen to leave Launceston at the crack of dawn after a bad nights sleep where we stayed in an overnight caravan! lol I remember from Deloraine we headed to Mole Creek - I think there was a Honey Shop there or on the way ..... memories! Thanks for the walk

    1. Hi Sharm! Nothing much changes in Tasmania (time warp!) and The Honey Shop at Mole Creek is still there too! xx