Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend Words

It's been raining steadily for most of the day...

Thunder and lightning this morning, and although it has eased off a bit this afternoon I doubt that I will get a walk in today.

Yesterday I spent a lovely day at the Seventh-day Adventist church.  Bible study, church service (which included a baptism), and a fellowship lunch after.  As usual, I ate too much, and didn't get home till 3pm!  When I arrived home I made a cup of tea and almost fell asleep in the chair, so took myself off for a river walk to revive.

This morning (Sunday) I broke with tradition and had porridge for breakfast...

...instead of my usual quinoa, stewed apple and rhubarb, and sheep yoghurt, because I hadn't stewed up any more fruit.  It made a nice change.

I had planned to go to the Mennonite church, but had a headache (which is now gone), so watched a few sermons by Steve Wohlberg on the Mark of the Beast.  They were very interesting.

Came across this article in the SDA magazine on pencils...

I much prefer to use pencil that pen.  Easier to erase your mistakes.  Pity life doesn't work like that :)  My favourite pencil is Staedtler HB...the ones made in Germany.  Are you a pencil or pen person?

Here's the article if you want to read it...
  I'd never thought about why they were hexagonal

Good knitting weather, so continuing with my hats for the hordes (a.k.a. the family)...
have started my fourth
Just a bit of mindless chatter on a wet day!
It's stopped raining so I think I'll brave the wind and cold and go for a walk, I've been inside all day and I crave some fresh air.
Make the most of your day!!


  1. Sounds like a good week! Been having a lot of rain here and we need it too. Love the hats!

  2. We had lots of rain lately (no more drought - hooray!) and now it's green, green, green! Your hats are great. :)

  3. Thanks Michelle and Lisa for your hat comments :) xx