Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Good morning sun...

Didn't walk this morning, but took my car down to the supermarket early (it opens at 7am) before it got busy to do a monthly stock up.  The rest of the time I just pick up what I need on the way home from my morning walk.  Got that unpacked and put away, then...

 washed my car 
and mowed the lawns...
 Only showing you the front bit (because it's the tidiest) but there was also the nature strip, outside the front fence, the side and back yard done.

Will have lunch (chicken soup from the freezer), then I think I've earned a sit down now and perhaps some knitting...
four beanies done...and counting...
Keep Kalm and Knit!


  1. A true morning person, you are!

    1. Most definitely!!
      I start to go down hill after lunch and am quite often (now that winter is approaching and the days are getting shorter), ready for bed by 7.30! xx