Monday, November 2, 2015

Hoofing it

Some shots of my early morning walk around the river a few days ago...

 Mist through the trees

 mist on the river

 over the spillway the river is quite low at the moment as we need rain

 halfway through my walk the mist had cleared

 this is one of at least three platypus in the river

 and a family of native hens

And back home...
 picked my first roses from the garden...they smell divine!

 finished another Anne Lamott book from the always!
(that's the last charity blanket I was working on finishing in my last post)

and here it is ...finished!

so now working on sewing together this blanket for myself that I started many moons ago, and dipping into these gardening books from off my bookshelves

Had Jenny and David from Mission Without Borders come to speak at my church on Sunday, and tell us about the work the organisation is doing in Eastern Europe...

 these are some of the blankets and other items the knitting group has been working on over the last few months, finally finished, and heading off with Jenny to eventually make their way to Eastern Europe

And I thought you might like a peak inside my looks better with people in it :))

 from the front to the back...getting set up for the morning service

and from the back to the front..that's Jenny from MWB getting organised :))
That's it from me :))
Have a good week!!

PS - almost forgot...linking in with Ginny for Yarn Along!!


  1. Beautiful river photos, and lovely roses. I can almost smell them through my laptop! Nice to see your church - I like all the wood panelling! - and lovely crochet. I think I haven't read that book by Anne Lamott. So pleased to learn of it!

    1. Hi Christine!

      The roses are getting a battering's very windy!!

      Yes...I like all the wood inside my church too :))

      Really enjoyed Small Victories. Some of it is from previous books of hers, but much of it is new. xx