Sunday, May 24, 2015


Linking up with Ginny again for the weekly Yarn Along...

We had our monthly charity knitting get together this past week.  We now have beanies and cot blankets ready to be posted to the relevant charities.

3 cot blankets will go to KOGO
And the 70 beanies will go to Cairns to be sent to Nepal for Friends of Himalayan Children
A great effort from a small number of knitters!!
 Still reading At The Water's Edge, but more than half way through it.  It's ok, but a bit too much about the main character Maddie for my liking, and not enough about the setting (Scottish Highlands), which was one of the reasons I was drawn to the book :)

So...I'm looking forward to starting THIS book next, and hoping it won't disappoint...

It has rather mixed reviews, so will see how it goes...
Why all this interest in Scotland?
It's because the family are planning on meeting up there next year for our holidays.  The Aussie winter...Scottish summer...
So I'm getting a feel for the place :))


  1. Ooh a Scottish summer holiday! I imagine it will be about the same weather as your winter? When it hits the high 70s here, people start melting and we have to check on the elderly... Have you read George Mackay Brown? I haven't and have always wanted to. He was an Orkadian writer who is much loved.

    1. Hi Christine - Haven't read any George Mackay Brown, but have heard of him. I think the library have some of his books so will check them out.

      Hoping the Scottish summer will be a bit warmer than our winters :)) xx

  2. Scotland seems like such a beautiful place!

    1. Hi Lisa - I agree...Scotland is and always has been top of my 'places to visi't list :) xx