Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mennonite info for Jessie (and all who are interested)

Jessie put a comment on my post about the Annual Mennonite Conference here in Tasmania asking for info about the Mennonites. I  thought I'd post the info here (rather than just replying to the comment) in case any one else is interested.

The only Conservative Mennonite church I know of in Australia is here in Deloraine Tasmania.  I think there are other Mennonites around the country, but I do not know of any other churches.  The contact address for the Deloraine Mennonite Fellowship is:

Harold Weaver
PO Box 330
Tasmania 7403

Joseph van Loon in Deloraine also has a lot of info and sermons from Conservative Mennonite churches on his Anabaptist Mennonites website   HERE. 

Another Anabaptist site you might be interested in is the Gympie Anabaptist Fellowship.  They have a church in Gympie Queensland and there website is HERE.

And there is also the  Detention River Christian Community in Tasmania.  They are  Hutterites (another branch of Anabaptists) and there website is HERE.

Hope this info is a help and of interest.


  1. Thanks a lot. I have been looking for this. It's very helpful.

  2. I wish your church was closer to caboolture any signs of getting a church closer to me .thankyou

    1. Hi Della - there is an Anabaptist church at Gympie:

      That is the closest one I know of to you. It's not Mennonite, but is of the Anabaptist faith. Also there is a lot of information and online sermons on Joseph van Loon's website:

      I hope this helps.