Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday thoughts - The Home Friendships

Friendships in the family, require most gentle care and cultivation.
We must win each other's love within home-doors, just as we win the love of those outside—by the sweet ministries of love.
We must prove ourselves worthy of being loved by those who are nearest; they will not truly love us unless we do, merely because we are of the same household.
We must show ourselves unselfish, thoughtful, gentle, helpful.
Home friendships must be formed as all friendships are formed—by the patient knitting of soul to soul, and the slow growing of life into life.
Then we must retain home-friends, just as we retain other friends—by a thousand little loving expressions in all our fellowship.
We cannot depend upon mere relationship to keep us loved and loving.
We must live for each other.
We must give as well as receive.
We must be watchful of our acts and words.

(In Green Pastures - J R Miller)

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