Sunday, January 29, 2012

Living small

Some of you may have heard of Diana and Michael Lorence and their tiny home.  If not (or even if you have) here is a video about their home and lifestyle.

Then I came across this video.  I really like this house...not too sure about the ladder to the bedroom though!

The more I think about it...the more 'small' makes sense.


  1. Oh . . . I LOVE jay Shafer's Tumbleweed houses, and I think this is the best video on the subject I've seen - I hadn't seen this one before, thank you so much for posting it! And Innermost House - inspiration beyond expressing to me! What a delight to find them both side-by-side on one blog post! xx

  2. Hi Ember - although I do like Diana Lorence's house, I do find it a bit minimalist and 'cold' for me.

    But I do LOVE Jay's house's so warm (must be all that wood), cosy and homey. But I'm still not sure about that ladder! :o)