Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's finally finished!

The second blanket order is finished and delivered.  This is the third one I've done using the circle in a square pattern, and I think I like this last one the best.  Maybe I am getting more adventurous with the colours :o)

But I am so over crocheting!! ....for now at least!

So it's back to knitting my cardigan....


  1. That came out so wonderfully! Great job done!

  2. The blanket looks fabulous and I love the color you have chosen for you cardigan. I am just sewing together a sweater I knitted for my husband it will be finished tomorrow :) YEA!!!

  3. Hi Michelle - thanks for your kind comments. I am happy with the way it turned out, but I hope I don't have to make another one any time soon :o)

  4. Hi Bean - yes, I think the colour for my cardigan will be very practical, it should go well with most other colours.

    Sewing together sweaters is almost as much fun as sewing together granny squares....not!! But it's so good to see the finished article...and to be able to wear it!

  5. Have to agree on the sewing together bit. Just finished putting together my husbands sweater, the moment of truth, he tried it on and it fit nicely and he really likes it :)

  6. Hi Bean - So glad your husband's sweater fits and he likes it :o)

    I know what you mean about 'the moment of truth'...maybe that's why I like making lap size fits all...almost!!