Friday, June 10, 2011

The Post Office Shop

I was 'talking' to some friends in the US telling them about our wonderful post office and all the things they sell and they said "our post offices aren't like that!", so here are some pictures...just to show you...

This is our post office...come on in...

Cards for all occasions, and a counter for if you need to write things...

More cards, and the main post office counter on the left...

And the wool!!!...not many post offices sell wool too! PM Lynda ( that's post mistress Lynda, not Prime Minister Lynda)..she and I have the same name...same spelling too :o) still stocking up the wool shelves. She use to have a haberdashery store before moving to Tasmania to be a post mistress, and has brought lots of her stock with her. It's exciting to see what new things she has on display each time I go in.

Post cards and embroidery threads...

Pattern books...for knitting, cross stitch and other handcrafts...

I said to Lynda "you can't fit much more in here!"..and she said "you'd be surprised!!"...

Oh yeah...and you can buy stamps and post letters and parcels too...but that's just a side line :o)


  1. Lynda - thankyou so much for dropping by. Your name is in the draw.

    I love post offices in Australia. But I have to say, yours would have to be the best I have seen. I use to buy Christmas gifts for my sons from the Post Office as they would have all sorts of unusual things that I couldn't find anywhere else.

    And the other thing I like about our small suburban PO is the friendliness of the staff - they know me, always say hi and have time to chat - something that is dying out in most businesses.

  2. Hi Jo - I think our post office is rather unique :o)

    Thanks for putting me in the book draw...sorry I didn't win :o(

  3. Oh I adore that post office! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Hi Michelle - yes, it's a great post office! I've just finished crocheting another lap blanket...nothing as unique as yours, so I may be in there tomorrow buying more wool :o)

  5. They closed my local post office in February. I was so disappointed when they did this. I've not used the postal service since. I now use UPS and have automatic payments for all reoccurring bills.

  6. Hi Brendi

    Our little post office here is almost the centre of village life. It would be very sad if they closed it down.

    The government is talking about closing 30 small schools in the state, one of which is here in our town. There have been lots of meetings to try and stop it happening, but no decision has been made yet.