Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Pleasant Sunday

This morning I went to church. The church is the smaller building on the right, and the hall on the left is where we go after the meeting to have a fellowship the little kitchen at the back of the hall.

It's cold and rainy here today...even though I am cosy and warm inside my home. This afternoon I decided to make some date scones...and then ate 3 of them!!

And now I am going to sit and listen to my 'sunday sermon' and knit some more on the beret I am making. I have a brown one (which you can see in the picture) that I have been wearing to church, but decided to knit another one with this variegated yarn I have. I did knit a scarf with it awhile back, but decided I didn't like it, so undid it all. I think I am going to like it knitted up as beret :o)


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. Rainy days can be very cozy don't you think? And what a nice little church! I went to mass this morning in my Neo-Gothic Saint Lambert. It is the sunday of the Trinity. Beautifull. We couldn't drink coffee in the churchgarden because of the rain and the wind.
    I'm not much of a knitter (though I always admire the picures on your blog). Instead of knitting I am going to 'sprang' for the first time this afternoon. They already did it in 1400 BC. It looks interesting. Hope I like it.
    Oh.. and I didn't bake anything. But I made a large bowl of very green Jello. I'm not in favour of artificial taste and colloring but I make an exception for Jello (with cream and toasted almonds). The bright collors always make me happy :D

  2. What a lovely church! Enjoy your knitting!

  3. Hi Michelle :o)

    The little church I attend looks like what I think a country church should look like.

    They even ring the church bell to signify the start of the meeting!

  4. Hi Vera - good to hear from you again :o)

    Your day sounds nice too.

    What is 'sprang'? It sounds like something jumping off a cliff...or what lambs do when they 'spring' into the air :o)

    Will google it!