Friday, October 15, 2010

simple things

Today for lunch I had a fried egg (from my friend Narelle's chickens), with tomato, and alfalfa and fenugreek sprouts (made in the sprout maker my son Jefferson gave me) on sourdough rye bread (baked fresh each day at the local Providore 24 village store).

I have some beetroot/redbeet cooking that came from my friend Ursula's garden (I love the smell of beetroot fresh and earthy), and this afternoon I am going to make a coconut slice (the recipe from my sister in law Lyn) with lemon icing (using the lemons from my friend Fay's tree)!!

Just simple things, but so much to be thankful, friends and good food!


  1. Truelly it sounds like things are back on track for you my dear friend. Have you been getting the snow there this weekend?? We have an artic wind blowing through us here in Vic & the fire is back on!!!

  2. Hi sharm - Yes, it's good to be 'home'. We have had strong icy cold winds and rain all week. I'm missing my walks :o(

    I have heaters going too!