Friday, October 22, 2010

banana choc chip muffins.....

.....that almost weren't!

This morning I thought I would make some banana choc chip muffins to use up the 3 over ripe bananas that I had. This little story is about how NOT to make the muffins:

I have a large kitchen in my new place here and I love it...but I can now see the benefits of having a kitchen with a small workspace.

I prepared my ingredients...dry in one bowl, wet in another and bananas mashed on a plate.

I mixed them together and put them in the pre heated oven. I started to clean up the main work area I had used and wash the equipment and utensils...turned to the side work bench area...and there were the mashed bananas still sitting on the plate!!...hmmmm...what to do!!!

I could just throw the bananas out, and make them choc chip muffins instead, but I don't like to waste food. So I quickly removed the muffins from the oven (they had already started to cook and rise by this time), spooned them out of the muffin pans and back into the bowl, added the mashed bananas and did a quick stir around (by this time the choc chips had heated up, so when I stirred them they melted through the mixture and I ended up with chocolate muffins instead), put them back in the oven and hoped they would still be OK.

Well they turned out good...although I don't recommend this method of making's a picture of them...and they tasted just as good too! I ate one just to make sure :o)

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