Thursday, September 22, 2016

Family... and friend

Son Ben, daughter in law Hayley and their friend Scott are visiting from Queensland.  Had to make the obligatory scones and jam and cream for afternoon tea...
 Scott, Hayley, Ben

Hayley got baptised while they were here.  At Hawley Beach...
 a few of us gathered for the occasion

Dave (who married them 7 years ago) did the honours...
 asking the relevant questions

 She's under there somewhere

 All done!

Then we went back to Dave and Lisel's for afternoon tea :)

On the Yarn Along front...
 Trying a new beanie design and reading THIS delightful little book

And remember the swan sitting on the nest from a few posts back?  Well here she is...
Mother and babies all doing well

Hope all is well with you too :))



  1. Hi Lynda,

    How lovely that Hayley got baptised while visiting you. And I bet you enjoyed seeing them. I'm overdue in answering your last letter, but will get to it soon. We are having THE best spring ever with water everywhere. All the dams filled up in late August and are still overflowing due to constant regular rain. The houseyard is squelchy in many places, and I am thoroughly enjoying the season.

    Love from Lyn.

    1. Hi Lyn! Glad you are getting some much needed rain. We are getting it here today...not so needed though :)

      Looking forward to your letter... xx

  2. Ordered the hygge book for my Kindle - thank you - I hadn't heard of it! x

    1. Hi Pen! It's lovely little book...I'm enjoying dipping into it. Enjoy! xx

  3. That book looks good! I'll look for it. Congratulations and many blessings to Hayley! Wonderful!

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes...the baptism was a happy occasion :)

      I've just ordered a couple more Hygge books. Seems Hygge is the new flavour of the month :)) xx