Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Weekend Winter Walk


Saturday sunrise from my kitchen window

First up, a quick trip to the monthly market to stock up on vegies...

Then a walk around the river...
 taken from the footbridge over the river at the spillway

and from the footbridge at the caravan park

There is a black swan sitting on a nest...
 in a rather open and exposed position

Checking her eggs...
last count I could see 6!

Although it's winter, there is still a bit of colour about...

I can't resist the bare trees...

Back home for my well deserved morning coffee with toasted sourdough and blue vein cheese, and a browse through my new mag in a little patch of sunshine...

I hope you are enjoying your day :)) xx


  1. that's a nice lot of fresh veg! I hope you didn't have to carry all those a long way! Love the rhododendron - we had those when we lived in Kinglake years ago, they are so pretty. Also love the pattern on the crockery and that looks like a yummy coffee!!! Guess you have a machine to make something like that lol

    1. Hi Sharm - took the car to the market. Yes...it's a nice cup (Wdgewood Vera Wang...unfortunately I only have one cup and two saucers and it seems to be unavailable now) and my coffee machine is great...a bottom of the line DeLonghi, but does the job and has served me well. xx

    2. That should read Wedgewood :))

  2. What a lovely winter walk! I love that swan so much

    1. Hi Michelle - we've had more rain since I took the photo and the river is rising. Her nest is still above water, but if we get much more rain it may go under :(( xx

  3. Your winters hardly seem like winter to me. Enjoy, Lynda!

    1. Hi Lisa - I guess our winters are rather mild compared to some, but they are wintery enough for me :)) xx