Monday, June 6, 2016

River deep...

Major flooding of the Meander River after all the rain we've had. 

Some pics from my walk this morning...

 the caravan park is under water

and the permanent caravans have been evacuated to higher ground

 the bridge I usually walk over

and the pontoon that is anchored to the edge of the riverbank

 taken from the bridge at the spillway...the trees normally stand in the parkland, not in the river!

not so good for these houses

 or for the residents who live down this road as it is the only way in and out

picnic anyone?

my walk track, that  is either side of the river, is completely submerged!

This afternoon when I walked, the water was even higher but I did not have my camera with me.  Although the rain has eased the river will probably continue to rise as the water flows down from the mountains.  Some of the locals said they have never seen it this high.

We did need rain, as the dam levels were seriously low, but perhaps not as much, all in one go!!

Keep safe and dry those of you who are in flood areas!



  1. Lynda! This is scary looking. And you still took a walk along this route! Brave woman. I hope it's better now.

    1. Hi Lisa - yes...the river has subsided and the walk track is clear. Now the clean-up begins for so many who were flooded out. xx

  2. That does look frightening. Poor victims of flooding. As you say, good to have the rain but not so much all at once. Hope you are fine where you are.

    1. Hi Christine! The river is pretty much back to normal now. My home is in the high part of town, so all ok with me. xx