Friday, May 13, 2016

The week that is...

In the pipeline this week...

Crocheted a tea cosy for my tea pot!

Knitting another vest (using the pattern above, minus the sleeves) in cream homespun type wool.

Reading The Strawberry Girl.  It's good!!!

Linking to Yarn Along for the above.

Some autumn colour in the garden...

 olives on the tree


 more primrose


 ? mint


 don't know what this is??

 not so colourful fungi...

 but interesting...

among the leaves...

autumn...I love it!!!
And on the home front...
Bought a hall stand at the 2nd Hand Shed..
Wild and windy weather here. 
A good day to light the fire, read...knit...crochet...
Keep busy and be happy!!


  1. Love that hall stand, Lynda! It's nice to have a mirror in central areas.

    1. Hi Lisa! I would have liked a larger hall stand with a built in seat perhaps, but as my house is small I have to go for smaller pieces of furniture, and if I want to move it there are a few other places it will fit. xx