Sunday, December 6, 2015

The week that was...

Last weekend was daughter Marnie and Phil's wedding!

I don't have any official wedding photos yet, but it was a lovely time :)).  I then had Denver with me for the week while they went on their honeymoon!!

Here's are some of the family chilling out between the ceremony and reception...
 (son Ben; grandsons (Marnie's)Denver and (Natasha's)Oliver; daughter in law Hayley)

(son Jefferson and his girlfriend Amy)

And one morning this last week (even though it is summer) I got to walk in my favourite fog...

(through the trees)

(across the water)


(the water is very low over the's been a dry winter)

And now for something completely different... 
Have finished the 36 granny squares I was working on in a previous post and have edged them in green.  Will then sew 4 green edged squares together to form a larger 4 square, and then edge those 4 in orange before joining all together...
(the retro granny)

Recently finished reading this book.  I enjoyed it, but found the ending a bit disappointing.  Not that I expected them to 'all live happily ever after', in fact I had no idea what the ending would be until I got there, but I felt the whole book was leading up to something, and when the ending did come it seemed rushed and incomplete.  Having said that I would definitely read more of her work...
(how could I resist...with snow on the cover!!)

This is where I'm at as of now with my retro blanket...
(getting it acrylic yarn)

And daughter Natasha liked this one, that I finished recently, so much that I gave it to her...
(this wool and alpaca blanket is now living in Texas with Natasha)
Gosh...they almost look like the same blanket :)))
Funny how I love working/crocheting with bright colours but loath to wear them.  My whole wardrobe is pretty much shades of grey!!  With a bit of black and khaki thrown in for variety (??)
Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along for the book/crochet bits, and have put a new header photo up (in case you hadn't noticed).  I know...I know... it's summer!!  But the photo was taken in summer (last week) and I just love my fog :))
Enjoy! xx


  1. hello lynda.
    lovely to see recent photos of the family. what about natasha??
    also your idea of orange around 4 blocks, i may use that.
    love the fog photos, it is such an atmosphere in the fog.
    enjoy your day.

    1. Hi Debbie! Finished the blanket!! Stay tuned for photos :)

      Natasha was in the bridal party so she was off getting photos taken. xx