Monday, August 10, 2015

Marriage...Mennonite style

Had a lovely day recently attending the wedding of Laura and Brian from the Mennonite Church here in Deloraine...
 (Brian and Laura)

The church service and marriage ceremony were in Deloraine, and the reception was held at Meander...
 (arriving at the reception)

The wedding party...
 (Brian and Laura and their attendants)

During the reception we enjoyed some beautiful a cappella singing...
 (the young folk)

And here they are...
 (the happy couple)

As mentioned in a previous post I was crocheting a blanket as a wedding gift for them, but on reflection, decided it was perhaps a bit overly bright and colourful, so opted for this pretty pink quilt instead...
(I hope they like it!!)
It was a happy day, catching up with old friends and meeting and making some new ones. 
A beautiful, simple, wedding and reception.
Just the way it should be...


  1. The simplicity of that wedding is very attractive indeed. I would think it would keep the focus on what is most important. And - did you make that quilt?! Heavens!

    1. Hi Christine! No...I have to confess...I didn't make the quilt. xx