Wednesday, February 25, 2015


P is for... Helena Frith Powell...  I'm reading her book Two Lipsticks and a Lover.  It's interesting, informative...and very funny!!

I'm in French mode at the moment (will do a separate post about it soon), reading lots of books about France/the French from the library, and will attempt to learn the language (or some of) this year.

And listening to my French CD by Carla Bruni...  No idea what she's singing, but lovely voice and music :))

Q is for...   quinoa breakfast. 

Which I have been eating...every morning... for the past 12 months!!

I wrote a post about it HERE.  It's still the same :))  although sometimes I also add stewed rhubarb or fresh blueberries!!

R is for...  road trip.

To my friend Brenda's...for her birthday luncheon!  Catching up with 'the girls' again, and meeting some new ones...
(the girls)

(the birthday girl Brenda)

We played 'pass the parcel' (as you do)...and guess who won!?!?

And look what I won!!  One of Brenda's miniature paintings!!!  The actual painting is only 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" and so pretty!  I have it hanging on the wall above my coffee machine, so I get to enjoy it 'up close' every day when I make my coffee...
(Spring in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens)
S is for...   Soup...Lentil soup... which I've just made a big pot of...
(if you click on the photo it will bring it up larger and you should be able to read it)
T is for...  Trug...  given to me 20? years ago by my French friend Florence, when she and her family lived here in Tasmania...
seen here with some of my garden tools and the dirt I enjoy digging in :))
Au revoir mes amis!


  1. love lentil soup, I make a similar one. I also like to make lentil chili, very filling and very tasty. I found a recipe online for lentil and bulgar something or other, it is yummy, carmelize four or so onions, then add cooked lentils and bulgar, add a little water let cook for ten mins or so, add a bit of chopped mint. It is yummy, and nice served with a spoonful of greek yogurt.

    I can't wait for the snow to melt and be able to get out into the gardens, we should be able to put out potatoes, onions and peas real soon, CAN'T WAIT! Love your trug!

    My mom's aunt painted miniatures, she particularly liked to paint birds, my mom has one or two of them. The one your friend painted is very pretty.

    Take care,


    1. Hi Bean - Lentil soup is very versatile! I have a vegetarian friend coming to stay for a couple of days next week. So we can have lentil soup...but I can add meat/sausage to mine :)))

      Happy gardening...when the weather warms up!! xx