Monday, January 19, 2015


F is for Friday night jazz.

Joined the Deloraine Jazz Club and went to my first concert/dance Friday night.  It was fabulous!  I'd forgotten how good live music is.  Especially with such talented musicians and singer. photos, but will try and get some at the next event.

G is for Garden.

I have been digging up existing lawn/old garden beds...

 To look like this...

So I can plant these...
 And these...
(mostly herbs)
H is for Hayden.
Paul Hayden Desser  and his Elk Lake SerenadeGreat music!!!
I is for India.
Where my friend Debbie is living at the moment.  Check out her Postcards from... blog.
J is for Ida Jessen.
Reading her book The Children at the moment and really enjoying it...
That's it! 
 Off to bed to read!
Goodnight :))

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  1. Hi Lynda,
    Nice to pop in and catch up with you again after us having such a busy time over December! Have a great week